Coaching VS Therapy

I celebrate the role of coaching and therapy for myself and those I serve! 

Therapists are mental health professionals who serve those whose mental health is in crisis and in need of immediate attention. They…

  • Diagnose mental illness.
  • Assess mental illness.
  • Treat mental illness.

Coaches are peers who come alongside clients to…

  • Guide, teach and mentor.
  • Goal set and plan for the future.
  • Share information about trauma and recovery.
  • Share life, coping and decision making skills.
  • Share personal experiences to reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Encourage thinking that makes recovery easier.
  • Celebrate their clients and their progress.
  • Encourage a healthy self-concept and sense of self worth.
  • Encourage a healthy view of the world.
  • Encourage a healthy spiritual life.

Coaches may serve clients who struggle with mental illness, but who are functional, capable and ready to learn and grow. We do not diagnose or assess a client’s mental health or prescribe treatment. When a client’s mental health is in crisis, we refer them to licensed mental health professionals who are equipped to serve them. We do sometimes work alongside therapists who are caring for our client’s mental health.

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