Individual Coaching

Work with me Privately
I am thankful that I can offer one-on-one coaching for victims, survivors and overcomers of human trafficking, all forms of abuse and spiritual trauma. I also specialize in serving nonprofit leaders who serve survivors. I do all of my coaching via Zoom and invoice for all services through PayPal.

I work privately with clients at a rate of $95 per hour. Currently, I have the following one-on-one coaching packages available:

One 60 Minute Action Planning Session

We meet via Skype or Zoom to talk about where you are emotionally and spiritually in your trauma recovery journey. Together, we create simple goals and an action plan that will bring you relief and help you begin to feel better.


Three Months of Private Coaching

We meet for 12 sessions over three months to chart recovery goals, take baby steps, learn new skills, overcome roadblocks and move forward with celebration and growth.


Six Months of Private Coaching

We meet for 24-hours of trauma coaching over six months to set goals, overcome roadblocks, learn new skills, grow and celebrate. This package offers you greater access to me and more flexible scheduling options. You can schedule any combination of hours that add up to 24-hours of coaching time. We can do one hour at a time, or you could schedule a four hour block on the weekend, or even a series of four hour days. We will spend our initial time getting to know one another, assessing where you are in your trauma recovery, creating a vision and setting goals. Together, we decide which area to focus on first and then celebrate our way to growth and greater recovery!


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