Free Trafficking Survivor Support Group

Have you ever sat alone thinking, “I wish someone understood what this is like?” Or, “Does this ever get better?” Or, “How can I experience relief in a healthy way?”

Recovery from human trafficking can feel complex and intense sometimes, but you do not have to do it alone.

I believe that we are created for community. We are hard-wired for connection, and that is part of what makes sitting alone with pain so excruciating.

This is exactly why I have created a FREE, private and secure online support group specifically for survivors and overcomers of human trafficking.

What if you could share your struggles instead of sitting alone with them and receive validation and suggestions from someone who is or has been there before? Nonjudgmental support, ideas and friendship can be game changers in healing. Speaking Truth takes all the power away from shame and lies.

You are worthy of support and community in a place that is private, confidential and trauma informed. Recovery from human trafficking can be complex and just a little different than recovery from other traumas, especially when it comes to specific work issues, legal things, parenting experiences, health concerns, spiritual growth and connecting with professionals who “get it.”

Want in? Email and we will ask you a few questions and let you agree to the group guidelines prior to joining. We look forward to serving you!

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